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Meet Maureen

Maureen O’Shaughnessy, EdD, is a career school innovator with over 30 years of transforming learning in schools to better serve all students.

Her logo is the triskele (or triskelion). This Triple Spiral is a complex ancient Celtic symbol representing movement, and is believed to signify energies, in particular within this Celtic Symbol the motion of action, cycles, progress, revolution and competition. Not only does Maureen wish this revolution for education, but it is the common tattoo she shares with her two daughters, as a symbol of their love and deep interconnection.

Maureen is the founding director of Leadership Preparatory Academy, a nonprofit progressive micro-school in Washington State. With a master’s degree in educational administration and a doctorate degree in educational leadership, she has an extensive understanding of the components needed to transform the education system.

Dr. O’Shaughnessy is the author of Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids: A Step-by-Step Process that Empowers Frustrated Parents to Innovate Education and has served as head of school and principal internationally in countries such as Kuwait, Hungary, and Ecuador. Weaving in a strong emphasis on service and leadership at each school, she has been an educational change agent across the globe. She offers consulting and the “Build Your Own Micro-School” class, guiding schools to open across the US. She has been interviewed by Good Morning America and many other media sources.

And now as founder of the Education Evolution podcast, she aims to disrupt the education climate as we know it to help ensure each child is seen, heard and valued and met where they are academically, socially and emotionally. The desired outcome? Dismantled educational systems that don’t serve our young. And thriving youth, who know their strengths and are ready to go out and make a positive difference in the world.

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“With the support of the resources provided by Maureen, along with the support of the collaborative, we gained knowledge and an increased comfort with our plans. We also felt more secure with our decisions to open a micro-school to meet the needs of the kids who need it most.

Maureen’s positive energy and ability to really listen. More than once I saw her uncover an obstacle someone was facing, by hearing more than I was hearing. She then offered a couple thoughts, possible small steps to explore and accomplish. She offers a nice blend of challenge within reality.

If you’re considering starting your own micro-school I implore you to take this course. This isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill, professional development course. With this course, you also gain an amazing family. You will get the experience of others to help shape you. You will get the support of the coalition to hold you up when you may not feel strong. You join a network of people who WANT to see you succeed, and will help you achieve that success.

Most of all, you will gain an abundance of knowledge to help you grow as a micro-school leader.”

~ Sonya Harris, CEO of the Bullock Garden Project and Founder of Their Place Discovery and Learning Center

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