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Like many, I do NOT accept the results we are getting from our traditional middle and high schools.

The students who graduate from secondary schools need to be ready to move on, building on their strengths, making a positive difference in the world.

I am an educational activist, ON FIRE to recreate educational opportunities and schools that see, hear, and value each student.

No more:

  • 20-40% drop out rates
  • Climbing mental health issues
  • Students not prepared for college or the workplace
  • Achievement gap for our students of color or with special needs
  • Sink-or-swim classrooms


the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.
“growing activism on the abortion issue”

What programs and products am I “vigorously” creating and leading to be an educational activist?

I work with a small community of educational innovators to support needed change.

Join my community…we have lots of work to do…NOW.

Maureen O'Shaughnessy advocating for change in our educational system

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Your new educational program or micro-school starts with your complimentary call.

On this call we will:
  • Talk about your needs.
  • Strategize an ideal plan.
  • Share examples of my work.
  • Tell you about pricing.
  • Answer any other questions!

Have a question?

I have an answer!

Get in touch and I will help you out.