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Engaged and Empowered Learners Who Achieve

Do you feel like your students are struggling with their learning because of ineffective and dated strategies?


Are your students disengaged and unhappy?


Are parents frustrated and even angry?


Do teachers and educators feel stuck?


Is your "one-size-fits-all" teaching model failing?


Are students giving up and dropping out?


Are mental health issues impacting your students' ability to thrive?

We can do this.

Our kids deserve an educational strategy and environment that works, not hurts. One that engages their learning styles, makes them feel welcome, and leaves you confident that their needs are being met.

We can and must evolve our approach.

“My daughter used to feel singled out and “different,” but now she feel supported and successful. In just one academic year, I’ve observed her self-esteem skyrocket, which to me is one of the best benefits!”
~ Shelley H., Micro-School Parent

Let’s build a better education.

I’ll help you implement learning models and strategies that work in today’s world for today’s students.

Serve Students

In a micro-school, academic load and content are tailored to strengths, challenges, and pace. Students progress only when they demonstrate mastery.

Socially, they interact successfully with a variety of students and teachers on project-based learning and service projects.

Emotionally, they develop self-advocacy skills and self-selected habits of success.

Students also develop mindfulness, and the ability to reflect and set goals. Holistic learning at its best.

Comfort Parents

The micro-school parent feels immediate relief having a tribe supporting their child.

The collaboration between home and school lightens the load on parents.

Homework typically becomes more relevant, with less busy work and minimal time outside of the school day completing work.

There are also other parents in the community who regularly communicate, adding to a parent’s sense of support.

Delight Instructors

The micro-school teacher gets to return to the top priority, relationships.

With this ability to get to know each student well as a unique individual, the instruction can be varied and opportunities for student choice and voice are easier to provide.

There is minimal bureaucracy, allowing the teacher to play to their strengths and create learning experiences that feel relevant.

The teacher shifts from authoritative figure to supportive coach.

Are you frustrated with trying to fit students into a model that doesn't suit them?

Most schools and educators struggle to effectively teach students using outdated models, some dating back to the 1800s. Parents often feel defeated by the options available, because no two children are the same and children today have new challenges we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

Did you know that 25% of kids don’t graduate from high school? Would you accept this in your home? Neither would I.

I’m Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy, author, podcast host, and founder of Leadership Preparatory Academy in Seattle. And our school has a 100% graduation rate.

That isn’t by accident – it’s by design. A replicable, intentional design outlined in my book, Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids, explained in my Education Evolution podcast, unpacked in my Build Your Micro-School course, and effectively planned in my consulting practice.

Are you ready to change that graduation statistic at your school and see real change in education? If you have the passion, but lack the tools to get started, you’ve found your solution.

I’ve used this process with schools around the world. I help educators, parents, and students accomplish their learning objectives and grow their world, plain and simple and I can’t wait to help your school community to thrive. Let’s talk.


Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy

Micro-Schools I Have Recently Helped Launch

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It is as Easy as 1, 2, and Learn

I have created small schools and schools-within-schools to address the need for more varied options. And I would love to help you too!

You choose what you want–the vision and model. I help with the how!

1. Schedule a Call

You are one conversation away from starting your dream school. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation call today.

2. Personalize a Plan

We’ll chat about your ideal school, model, and age group. Then I create a step-by-step plan FOR YOU to follow, offering a variety of support levels to complete the plan.

3. Open Your Doors

Together, we can create and start your innovative school. Feel confident and excited, because you are changing education and helping learners thrive!

“Maureen is ever-present and the perfect coach! She is nothing short of amazing.

Maybe the only person I’ve met (I’m not young) who is able to meet with a group of completely diverse individuals and create a supportive environment to discover your strengths and offer real direction to problem-solve weaknesses to achieve your goal. Even helped redefine that goal!

She is a sweet, strong, inventive and passionate woman who knows how to get stuff done. If you’re passionate about kids, creating something unique, then do it.”

~ Candice, participant in the Build Your Micro-School Course

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