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Helping Leaders Create School Models that Work for All Learners

Reimagine and Change Today’s Learning Landscape with Clear, Current, and Proven Educational Strategies So All Students Can Thrive
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Engaged and Empowered Learners Who Achieve

Let’s build a better education.

EdActive Collective
We are a collective of educational innovators focused on transforming education to a more human-centered, student-driven, real-world learning environment designed with learners at the center of every decision.
Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy Education and Micro-School Consultant

Reimagining and Changing Today’s Learning Landscape.

Education Evolution, where we talk about today’s education: what’s broken, who’s fixing it, and how.

Micro-School Coalition
We are building community to transform education for today’s learners. Micro-School Coalition is a resource for parents and educators seeking to find real solutions in education.

Did you know that 25% of our kids don't graduate from high school? And students become less engaged in learning as they move through the grades? Is this acceptable to you? It isn't to me, either!

I’m Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy, author, podcast host, and founder of Leadership Preparatory Academy in Seattle. And our school has a 100% graduation rate.

That isn’t by accident – it’s by design. A replicable, intentional design outlined in my book, Creating Micro-Schools for Colorful Mismatched Kids, explained in my Education Evolution podcast, unpacked in my Build Your Micro-School course, and effectively planned in my consulting practice.

Are you ready to change that graduation statistic at your school and see real change in education? If you have the passion, but lack the tools to get started, you’ve found your solution.

I’ve used this process with schools around the world. I help educators, parents, and students accomplish their learning objectives and grow their world, plain and simple and I can’t wait to help your school community to thrive. Let’s talk.


Dr. Maureen O’Shaughnessy

Micro-Schools I Have Recently Helped Launch

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Come see LEADPrep,
an innovative micro-school where teens thrive

LEADPrep is the micro-school I started in Seattle, WA in 2013. This school serves middle school and high school students on two campuses, one in Seattle and one in Kirkland, providing a learning environment where each learner is seen, heard, valued, and thriving.

Leadership Preparatory Academy

Come see how we're flipping education on its head


LEADPrep in action

Maureen is ever-present and the perfect coach! She is nothing short of amazing.

Maybe the only person I’ve met (I’m not young) who is able to meet with a group of completely diverse individuals and create a supportive environment to discover your strengths and offer real direction to problem-solve weaknesses to achieve your goal. Even helped redefine that goal!

She is a sweet, strong, inventive and passionate woman who knows how to get stuff done. If you’re passionate about kids, creating something unique, then do it.”

— Candice, participant in the Build Your Micro-School Course